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I'm desperate, but not caring.

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Action movies, Adele, Alcohol, Alessandra Ambrosio, Alexa Centre, American football, Amsterdam, Android, Angeln, Angry Birds, Ankara, Antwerp, Apples, Apricot, Architecture, Ariana Grande, Astronomy, Athens, Badminton, Baguette, Barbecuing, Batman, Battlefield One, Berlin Tag & Nacht, Better Call Saul, Beyoncé, BigMac, Biology, Boston, Boulevard Berlin, Brandenburg Gate, Breaking Bad, Bremen, Bruno Mars, Bruno Mars, Bruschetta, Brussels, Budapest, Budgerigar, Bundestag, Canon, Carly Rae Jepsen, Cats, Chai tea latte, Champagne, Charming, Chemistry, Chess, Chilli peppers, Chinanoodles, Christmas and 221 more interests Show more interestsChristoph Waltz, Claudia Schiffer, Climbing, Computer science, Confident, Country music, Cucumber, Cuddling, Cycle sport, Das Supertalent, Deadpool, Deep house, Desperate, Desperate Housewives, Diane Kruger, Dieter Bohlen, Ditsch, Dogs, Dolores, Döner, Dota 2, Doves, Driving a car, Driving License, Duck, Eating Breakfast, Ebay, Edinburgh, Eggplant, Einstein Kaffee, Elvis Presley, Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Emotional, Engaged, English language, Extrovert, Facebook, Fashion design, Feiern, Fencing, Fifa, Fitness, Florence, Future house, Game Of Thrones, Gaming, Garlic, Geburtstag, Gendarmenmarkt, Geography, Germany’s Next Topmodel, Gigi Hadid, Gin, Ginger ale, Going to the cinema, Google Maps, Grand Theft Auto V, Grape, Gray wolf, Guava, Hackesche Höfe, Hackescher Markt, Halloween, Ham, Hamburg, Hamster, Heidi Klum, Höhle Der Löwen, Honey, Horror movies, Horse, Horse riding, Hot chocolate, House music, How I Met Your Mother, Ice skating, Iced tea, Intelligent, Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin, iPhone, Istanbul, Italian language, Jealous, Jennifer Lopez, Jujutsu, Jurisprudence, Kate Moss, Kiwifruit, Kudamm, Kung fu, Leopard, Lime, Line, Lion, Long Night of Museums, LOST, Luxembourg City, Madonna, Madrid, Man Of Steel, Manchester, Massage, Mauerpark, Micheal Jackson, Milan, Miley Cyrus, Minecraft Story Mode, Miniature golf, Miranda Kerr, Motorsport, Mountain biking, Müggelsee, Mulled wine, Münster, Nachos with cheese, Naples, Netflix, Networking, New York, Nordsee, Nuremberg, Nutella, Ofenkäse, Oliver Heldens, Ouzo, Paintball, Pandabears, Paprika, Paris, Pear, PewDiePie, Physics, Pilates, Pizza, Pizza bread, Playing guitar, Playing piano, Pokemon Go, Political science, Polo, Pomegranate, Pommes Frites, Potato, Prague, Pregnant, Pretty Little Liars, Prey, Raffaello, Ramen, Reading, Red Dead Redemption 2, Red Wine, Resident Evil 7, Rice, Riga, Rihanna, Rock music, Rotterdam, Rum, Saarbrücken, Saint Petersburg, Salad, Salmon, Samsung, San Francisco, Scarlett Johannson, Schawarma, Schlager music, Schloßstraße (Berlin-Steglitz), Sheep, Shisha, Silvester, Sixpack, Skype, Smoking, Smoking Weed, Soccer, Soundcloud, Spanish language, Spiderman, Spree, Spring rolls, Sprite, Squirrel, Star Wars, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Stevie Wonder, Superman, Surf ski, The Big Bang Theory, The Last Of Us, The Last Of Us Part 2, The Rock, The Witcher 3, Tomatoes, Tortellini, Treptower Park, Two and a Half Men, Ulm, Uncharted 4, Underwater diving, Valencia, Venice, Virtual Reality, Vodka, Walking Dead, Watching TV, Watermelon, Wellness, Whatsapp, White Shark, Wikipedia, Wilmersdorfer Arcaden, Wrap, Write something, XBox One, Yoga, YOU Berlin, YouTube, Zurich