Was geht Boys? ?


I'm not introverted.

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Absinthe, Alcohol, Ancient Greek, Android, Ankara, Apricot, Architecture, Ariana Grande, Arrogant, Art, Astronomy, Baking, Balzac Coffee Company, Barack Obama, Barbecuing, Beach volleyball, Bear, Beer, Berlin, Berlin Tag & Nacht, Berlin Zoological Garden, Bern, Biology, Birmingham, Blueberry, Bonn, Bratislava, Bread, Britney Spears, Bruschetta, Brussels, Budapest, Burgeramt Berlin, Burgermeister Berlin, Bushido, Business administration, Calvin Harris, Canon, Cara Delevingne, Caring, Carrot, Chai tea latte, Champagne, Charming, Cheese, Chemistry, Cherry, Chicago, Chilli peppers, Chinanoodles, Chocolate fondue and 217 more interests Show more interestsChristina Aguilera, Classical music, Claudia Schiffer, Club Mate, Cocktail, Computer science, Cooking, Curious, Das Supertalent, Der grosse Gatsby, Desperate Housewives, Devious Maids, Diospyros kaki, Donald Trump, Döner, Doves, Driving a car, DSDS, Dunkin’ Donuts, Eating Breakfast, Elias M'Barek, Emancipated, Fencing, Festival of Lights (Berlin), Fig, For Honor, Fox, Freiburg im Breisgau, Future house, Game Of Thrones, Gaming, Geburtstag, Genoa, Gigi Hadid, Ginger ale, Going to the cinema, Golf, Google, Grand Theft Auto V, Grape, Grapefruit, Gray wolf, Gropius Passagen, Hanover, Heavy metal music, Heidi Klum, Hiking, History, Hitman, Honey, Horizon Zero Dawn, Horse, Hot chocolate, House music, How I Met Your Mother, Ice hockey, Inception, Indian food, Instagram, Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin, Introverted, Jealous, Jennifer Lopez, Jessie J, Julia Roberts, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Karlsruhe, Katy Perry, Kiev, Kiwifruit, Kristen Stewart, Kung fu, Lake Tegel, Latin, Lena Meyer-Landrut, Leonardo DiCaprio, London, Long Night of Museums, Lose weight, Maize, Manchester, Mandarin orange, Mango, Mannheim, Marseille, Mathe, Max Payne 3, McCafé, McFit, Mechanical engineering, Medicine, Megan Fox, Micheal Jackson, Minecraft Story Mode, Monaco, Moscow, Motivated, Motorsport, Müggelsee, Mulled wine, Münster, Museum Island, Mystery, Nachos with cheese, Narcissistic, Netflix, New York, Nicole Kidman, Nintendo Switch, No Man's Sky, Nocturnal, Noodle Soup, Oliver Heldens, Olives, Omelette, Orange, Ouzo, Paintball, Papaya, Paprika, Parrot, Pear, PewDiePie, Pharmacy, Pilates, Pink, Pizza bread, Pizza Funghi, Playing guitar, Playing piano, Plum, Pokemon Go, Polo, Pommes Frites, Pop music, Potsdamer Platz, Prey, Pyronale, Raspberry, Reading, Red cabbage, Reisen, Rice, Robert Pattinson, Rock music, Romantic, Rugby, Rum, Saarbrücken, Sailing, Salad, Salt, Salzburg, Sandwich, Sarah Connor, Sausage, Schlachtensee, Schlager music, Sheep, Sido, Silvester, Skiing, Snake, Snapchat, Snorkeling, Soccer, Sorrento, Spanish language, Sparkling wine, Spiderman, Sport, Spring rolls, Star anise, Star Wars Rogue One, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Steam, Subway, Sunset, Superman, Surf ski, Sushi, Swimming, Table tennis, Taken, Taking a bath, Tea, Telekom, Ten-pin bowling, The Bachelor, The Big Bang Theory, Toast, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Tortellini, Treptower Park, Two and a Half Men, Ulm, Unter den Linden, Until Dawn, Valletta, Vegetables, Vegetarian, Venice, Vogue Fashion's Night Out, Walking Dead, Watch a movie, Watermelon, Wellness, Whale, Whatsapp, Whisky, White wine, Wilmersdorfer Arcaden, Write something, XBox One, YouTube