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I'm married, but not married, jealous, sexy or nocturnal.

What I like 290

Absinthe, Action movies, Alcohol, Alessandra Ambrosio, Alexa Centre, Alicia Keys, Ambitious, Ancient Greek, Android, Angeln, Antwerp, Apple, Apples, Architecture, Arrogant, Astronomy, Athens, Avocado, B-boying, Balzac Coffee Company, Banana, Bangkok, Barack Obama, Barcelona, Bear, Bikini Berlin, Biology, Blueberry, Bonn, Boston, Boxing, Bread, Bread roll, Breaking Bad, Bruschetta, Brussels, Budapest, Budgerigar, Burger King, Bushido, Business administration, Cameron Diaz, Canary melon, Canon, Caring, Casper, Cheerleading, Chemistry, Cherry, Chess, Chilli peppers and 239 more interests Show more interestsChristmas, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Climbing, Club Mate, Cocktail, Coffee, Cola, Cologne, Communicative, Confident, Cooking, Cow, Cro, Cuddling, Curious, Cycle sport, Dancing, Das Supertalent, David Guetta, Doutzen Kroes, Driving a car, DSDS, Ebay, EDM, Elvis Presley, Emma Watson, Engaged, English language, Facebook, Fashion design, Festival of Lights (Berlin), Fifa, Fitness, Florence, Frankfurt, Friedrichstraße, Game Of Thrones, Gaming, Garlic, Gendarmenmarkt, Geography, German language, Gin, Gisele Bündchen, Goldfish, Google, Google Maps, Gooseberry, Gossip Girl, Grand Theft Auto V, Grape, Großer Wannsee, Guava, Guinea pig, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hamburg, Hamburger, Hamster, Hans im Glück, Havel, Heidelberg, Helsinki, Hiking, Honey, Horizon Zero Dawn, Horror movies, Hot chocolate, Iced tea, In love, Indian food, Inline skating, Intelligent, Intercourse, iPhone, Italian language, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lopez, Johnny Depp, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Karl-Marx-Straße (Berlin), Karlie Kloss, Karlsruhe, Katy Perry, Kaufhaus des Westens (KaDeWe), Kendall Jenner, Kickboxing, Kiev, Kitesurfing, Koala, Krumme Lanke, Kudamm, Kung fu, Lake Tegel, Las Vegas, Latin, Leipzig, Leonardo DiCaprio, Leopard, Lion, Lollapalooza, LOST, LoveTap, Luxembourg City, Maccaroni with cheese, Madonna, Maize, Mall of Berlin, Manchester, Mandarin orange, Mango, Mannheim, Married, Marseille, Martin Garrix, Max Payne 3, McDonalds, Mechanical engineering, Megan Fox, Milk, Monaco, Motivated, Mouse, Mr. Hai, Mystery, Nachos with cheese, Naples, Nectarine, Nena, Netflix, Networking, New York, Nicole Kidman, Nintendo Switch, Noodle Soup, Oliver Heldens, Omelette, Orange, Oslo, Parrot, Passionfruit, Paul Walker, Peach, Pear, Peter Fox, Pharmacy, Pizza, Pizza bread, Pizza Funghi, Pizza Hawaii, Playing piano, Pokemon Go, Political science, Pop music, Potsdam, Pretty Little Liars, Red cabbage, Red Wine, Resident Evil 7, Rice, Rita Ora, Robert Pattinson, Rock music, Rowing, Rugby, Saarbrücken, Salad, Salmon, Salzburg, Samsung, Samuel L. Jackson, San Francisco, San Francisco Coffee Company, Sandra Bullock, Scarlett Johannson, Schlager music, Shakira, Sheep, Shisha, Sido, Skiing, Smoking, Smoking Weed, Snapchat, Snorkeling, Soccer, Sorrento, Soundcloud, Spanish language, Sparkling wine, Sprite, Star anise, Star Wars, Star Wars Rogue One, Starfruit, Steam, Stevie Wonder, Stockholm, Strawberry, Sunset, Superman, Sushi, Sydney, Table tennis, Taken, Tea, Ten-pin bowling, Tennis, Tequila, Thai Cuisine, The Last Of Us Part 2, Tiergarten, Berlin, Toast, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Tomatoes, Toni Garrn, Turin, Twitch, Underwater diving, Until Dawn, Valencia, Valletta, Vapiano, Vegetables, Vienna, Virtual Reality, Walking Dead, Whale, Whisky, White Shark, World Of Warcraft Legion, Yoga, YOU Berlin, YouTube, Zelda Breath Of The Wild, Zurich