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And then before I knew it, my play went from 25 pages to 50. Waiting at the airport is good for something. #write

#Write something everyday. #good #bad doesn’t matter.

#Write something everyday. #good #bad doesn’t matter.

Sad I didn't get to #write it possible to get withdrawls from something you love to do???

God says something ... #write it down. ~ KH

Got up early to #write but was foiled by two of my kids. Still, I got 527 words written... so that's something! #NaNoWriMo18

Write-down something, #everyday. #write

#Write something worth fighting over, because that's how you change things. That's how you create #art.-Jeff Goins writing passion quote

Monday. A clean slate. A blank page. FADE IN and #write something new. ? #amwriting #motivationalmonday

There's just something about October that makes it so much easier to #write in the genre of horror #writerslife

I have to #write because if I don't get something down then after a while I feel it's going to bang the side of my head off. ~T Pratchett

#Writers, when you wake up in the middle of the night to #write down your idea, is it something you end up using in any of your #books?

I need to #write something! Peace out ✌?

the best thing about being a #writer is when you actually #write something

if you are stuck for the right word then write down lists of words until you find something you like. #write #english

I LITERALLY need to be in #SolitaryConfinement if I want to #Write, and I’d probably still find something else to do #CrippledComedy

Either #write something readymade It is limited, so throw!!!

#music, #books, and something to #write with is all I need

What doesn't kill us gives us something to #write about. -Julie Wright #AmWriting

There are Containers full of different #Societies. I’ll hire someone to keep a #digital log & #write about it. Something just came up ?

It's too hot (hot damn!) out there! Stay inside, #write, and submit something to us!

The day you give up on something you really wanted, is the day, from when you dont deserve it.

#Write something great today ?

Stop over thinking
over thinking takes from you time
you can spend the time with something else

#book #writer #write

What's up LA let's #record #write or cook something up

I will #write you a song, one about the air you steal from my lungs every time i have to scream about something as stupid as love.

Either #write #something to it -- Michael Jordan... #motivational

“Either #write something worth #reading or do something worth #writing.”
― Benjamin Franklin

Write something
your mouth is afraid to say
but that your heart never quits screaming of!

#write!! ✍??

Resign yourself tranquility to doing something slow & worthless for at least an hour. -If You Want To #Write

“You don't #write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.” F. Scott Fitzgerald #literary #quote

#Edited two stories today and discovered something, I #write really mean bullies

if you are stuck for the right word then write down lists of words until you find something you like. #write #english

Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards.

—Robert A. Heinlein #ww #write

Stuck for something inspirational. #write #english

What are your reactions when you read something poorly written? Do you think it's funny or just sad? #english #write

Perhaps I should stop lazing about with my ? and ☕️ and go #film or #write something . Nahhhhh

Tomorrow, my baby will stay home sick. I will do my best to #write, even if it wont be much, I have to do something or else I will go mad.

E.A. Games is something I have been asked to #write about for #years and I just #recently got around to BEGINNING to write the story

Inspiration can come from unexpected sources. Try doing something spontaneous to spark your muse. #write #writetip

Why I #write:

Because creating something that didn't exist is the closest to #Magic that I will ever get.


I'm going to take advantage of #write2018 and finally get my teeth into something I've been talking about doing for ages. Join me? #write

Happy New Year! I hope everyone makes the resolution to work on something great this year! #Happy2018 #Write

Being cold is an excuse to make the drink of choice (aka coffee), snuggle in a blanket and #write something.

“Either #write something worth #reading or do something worth #writing about.” - Benjamin Franklin

if you are stuck for the right word then write down lists of words until you find something you like. #write #english

einterview Always something to #write about! ????

In the moment you'll wish you could #write something better, but in the future you'll be glad you wrote SOMETHING instead of nothing. #doit

Think to write something... I'm making paragraphs on my mind but ever one is rejected. #write #bjj #beltexames

When I heard Trump was pardoning turkeys; I thought it had something to do with the Russia investigation. #Thanksgiving #Write

You #WRITE a #PAPER on something Its done Than you do a bong hit You pick it up + read it #OK : )

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Günther62  ·  3y ago

I #write because writing is something that I have to do. And it doesn't matter whether people like it or not. ~Wayne Dyer #quotes #writers

Elli945  ·  3y ago

#Write something everyday. #good #bad doesn’t matter.

Marie534  ·  3y ago

Either #write something worth #reading or do something #worth writing. -Benjamin Franklin

Maisch567  ·  3y ago

I can #write at work, but I can't drink #beer at work...hmmm...something doesn't add up...

ribanaLuise8  ·  3y ago

Got up early to #write but was foiled by two of my kids. Still, I got 527 words written... so that's something! #NaNoWriMo18

Writing is a medium of human communication that involves the representation of a language through a system of physically inscribed, mechanically transferred, or digitally represented symbols. Writing systems are not themselves human languages (with the debatable exception of computer languages); they are means of rendering a language into a form that can be reconstructed by other humans separated by time and/or space. While not all languages use a writing system, those with systems of inscriptions can complement and extend capacities of spoken language by enabling the creation of durable forms of speech that can be transmitted across space (e.g., correspondence) and stored over time (e.g., libraries or other public records). It has also been observed that the activity of writing itself can have knowledge-transforming effects, since it allows humans to externalize their thinking in forms that are easier to reflect on, elaborate, reconsider, and revise. Writing relies on many of the same semantic structures as the speech it represents, such as lexicon and syntax, with the added dependency of a system of symbols to represent that language's phonology and morphology. The result of the activity of writing is called a text, and the interpreter or activator of this text is called a reader.As human societies emerged, collective motivations for the development of writing were driven by pragmatic exigencies like keeping history, maintaining culture, codifying knowledge through curricula and lists of texts deemed to contain foundational knowledge (e.g., The Canon of Medicine) or to be artistically exceptional (e.g., a literary canon), organizing and governing societies through the formation of legal systems, census records, contracts, deeds of ownership, taxation, trade agreements, treaties, and so on. Amateur historians, including H.G. Wells, had speculated since the early 20th century on the likely correspondence between the emergence of systems of writing and the development of city-states into empires. As Charles Bazerman explains, the "marking of signs on stones, clay, paper, and now digital memories—each more portable and rapidly traveling than the previous—provided means for increasingly coordinated and extended action as well as memory across larger groups of people over time and space." For example, around the 4th millennium BC, the complexity of trade and administration in Mesopotamia outgrew human memory, and writing became a more dependable method of recording and presenting transactions in a permanent form. In both ancient Egypt and Mesoamerica, on the other hand, writing may have evolved through calendric and political necessities for recording historical and environmental events. Further innovations included more uniform, predictable, and widely dispersed legal systems, distribution and discussion of accessible versions of sacred texts, and the origins of modern practices of scientific inquiry and knowledge-consolidation, all largely reliant on portable and easily reproducible forms of inscribed language. Individual, as opposed to collective, motivations for writing include improvised additional capacity for the limitations of human memory (e.g., to-do lists, recipes, reminders, logbooks, maps, the proper sequence for a complicated task or important ritual), dissemination of ideas (as in an essay, monograph, broadside, petition, or manifesto), imaginative narratives and other forms of storytelling, maintaining kinship and other social networks, negotiating household matters with providers of goods and services and with local and regional governing bodies, and lifewriting (e.g., a diary or journal). The nearly global spread of digital communication systems such as e-mail and social media has made writing an increasingly important feature of daily life, where these systems mix with older technologies like paper, pencils, whiteboards, printers, and copiers. Substantial amounts of everyday writing characterize most workplaces in developed countries. In many occupations (e.g., law, accounting, software-design, human-resources, etc.) written documentation is not only the main deliverable but also the mode of work itself. Even in occupations not typically associated with writing, routine workflows (maintaining records, reporting incidents, record-keeping, inventory-tracking, documenting sales, accounting for time, fielding inquiries from clients, etc.) have most employees writing at least some of the time.