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Does anyone want to be in a gossip girl group chat? #Gossip #GossipGirl #GossipGirlChallenge

And this is really happening oh, that you've been out and about with some other girl. #gossip

The fact that Blair and dan were together at one point in the show, still makes me wanna throw up when I think about it #gossip girl

Gossip girl is ruling my life #gossip girl #netflixbinge

#Dynasty vs. #Gossip Girl ?

#nowplaying #gossip girl

Apparently the song was a sarcasm toward one of his ex, as far as speculation could go the girl was Gigi #gossip

#Gossip Girl??

Best character in gossip girl was dorota hands down #gossip girl

Its crazy how I watched #Gossip Girl about 7 times??

I love overhearing teen girl conversations in the H&M dressing room. #gossip #boys #concerts.

You know you’ve got a tight friendship group when all basically morph into one person #xoxox #gossip #girl

B*tches be like...?(whoo)...everything is who?!girl who? #Gossip ? owl face ass. ??‍♀️

Humphrey to chuck : unless it's your hotel, you can't...
Nate : actually it's his hotel ????????

#gossip girl

I’m not a pretty, good girl....but imma pretty good girl. And a Helluva Cook. #friendssay #gossip #tistheseason

If u just stfu & listen ud b si much easier to b around #gossip girl time

Just found out who #gossip girl is... Probably the biggest moment of the last 3 months for me... xoxo

Rufus and Lily are def the best couple in #gossip girl

Binged ALL of #Gossip Girl! Chuck Bass has my ❤ #ChuckandBlair

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werthesther5  ·  3y ago

Does anyone want to be in a gossip girl group chat? #Gossip #GossipGirl #GossipGirlChallenge

schellstang7  ·  3y ago

#Gossip Girl is the worst series I have ever seen. And have only seen the 1st season. Everything is wrong with these series

AnneliMarie4  ·  3y ago

And this is really happening oh, that you've been out and about with some other girl. #gossip

Constance825  ·  4y ago

Gossip girl is ruling my life #gossip girl #netflixbinge

artmannschimpf4  ·  4y ago

#Dynasty vs. #Gossip Girl ?

Gossip Girl is an American teen drama television series based on the novel series of the same name written by Cecily von Ziegesar. The series, developed for television by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, ran on The CW network for six seasons from September 19, 2007, to December 17, 2012. Narrated by the unknown, omniscient blogger "Gossip Girl" (voiced by Kristen Bell), the series revolves around the lives of privileged upper-class adolescents living in Manhattan's Upper East Side (UES). The series begins with the return of Upper East Side teenage "it girl" Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) from a mysterious absence. She is reunited with her frenemy Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) and her mother Lily (Kelly Rutherford), and she also meets Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley)—an aspiring writer from Brooklyn who is one of Serena's main love interests throughout the show. Other main characters include Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford), Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick), Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen), Vanessa Abrams (Jessica Szohr), Rufus Humphrey (Matthew Settle) and Ivy Dickens (Kaylee DeFer). The success of Gossip Girl led to many adaptations outside the United States. The show received numerous award nominations and won 18 Teen Choice Awards. The CW officially renewed Gossip Girl for a sixth and final season on May 11, 2012. The final season, consisting of 10 episodes, premiered on October 8, 2012, and ended on December 17, 2012.A sequel series, also titled Gossip Girl and headed by original executive producers Schwartz, Savage and Safran, premiered on July 8, 2021 on HBO Max. While set in the same continuity and retaining Kristen Bell as narrator, this series focuses on a new cast of characters from a different perspective in the same setting—likened to that of a shared universe.