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#Gooseberry yogurt #MyGrownupSecurityBlanket

I’m sat here In my house while my mate is upstairs getting it on with some guy and I’m just here eating crisps and drinking gin #gooseberry

#gooseberry wish my man was here!! Next time xxx

Just spent a couple of hours making #gooseberry jam #MondayMotivation

Aww Yasmine on a date. Audrey needs to do one though ? #gooseberry #Corrie

What’s worse than babies on a plane? Sharing a row of 3 seats with a loved up couple #getaroom #awkward #gooseberry

If I were the main politician, when Peston walks away I'd drag my chair over and join the others. #gooseberry

__Dippy ThatAnt_ LouLou2109 rickygervais I've been caught in an #AntAndAdamLoveCrossfire

JerseyTBear The_Cornwall .JerseyTBear don't be a #gooseberry. Come and explore #Cornwall with us. #Friends.

Greentarnie Heh, and I can guess who that someone is going to be! #JobsForTheWinter #GardenersWorld #gooseberry #pruning

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sophieGalle8  ·  3y

#Gooseberry yogurt #MyGrownupSecurityBlanket

Scheckannica9  ·  3y

Poor Emily - she’s definitely thinking this date has taken a turn for the weird #gooseberry #FirstDates

SiskaKarla3  ·  3y

#gooseberry wish my man was here!! Next time xxx

gebertGruener2  ·  3y

so yeah, they started to look for some tops that he liked, and i was just tagging along #gooseberry

Elisabeth212  ·  3y

What in the motherfuck is a gooseberry?#dateline #gooseberry #help

Gooseberry ( or (American and northern British) or (southern British)) is a common name for many species of Ribes (which also includes currants), as well as a large number of plants of similar appearance. The berries of those in the genus Ribes (sometimes placed in the genus Grossularia) are edible and may be green, orange, red, purple, yellow, white, or black.