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So yesterday, I asked and she said yes! ? we both then got smashed.... hungover today but happy ? #engaged

2019 is off to a great start!! #engaged ???

So sad I have to wait another 6 weeks for my ring to come back ?? #fatty #engaged #impatient

I just can’t stop staring at my ring! ? #engaged #sopretty ?

Cant wait till I'm officially a Smith! #engaged

I love to engage with my community! I sent 98 tweets to 66 people in the past 2 days. How #engaged are you?

Do telephones give rings when they get engaged?
#telephones #engaged

Sincerely happy for these two fucks who got #engaged #BachelorInParadise

My brother really changed the game tonight & im so happy for him ? #ENGAGED #proudsister

This is the most love Twitter has ever shown me ??? #engaged #blackwivesmatter ??‍♀️❤️

I can't wait to start planning my engagement party and wedding. #engaged ?

Hoffentlich gibt’s dann bald ein heartbroken-Album von ihm #JustinBieber #engaged #wiealtistjustinbieber

Omg !!
My heart is dancing with love and happiness ❤
Congrats babe ❤
#engaged ?

yesterday #6th JULY we got #engaged ?

Just realised that If I double barrelled my wedded name it would be BOLD BRAND. How frickin cool is that! #marketersdream #engaged ? ?? ?

One day & one step at a time ! ?? can’t wait to see how everything comes together #engaged #planning #loveplanning I have a vision

Not local to us in Dunstable? No problem! With tech & an arrangement with Royal Mail, it doesn't matter! #ReadyToHelp #Accountants #Engaged

I'm getting married to my best friend . #engaged

100 days from now, I’ll be a wife ??
#engaged #countdown #AdamLovesHisJohnson

Nice to be back in our home #engaged ??

Life just got real: got #engaged last night & #phd program starts next week. This combination of excitement & angst is unreal!

#Engaged!!!! ??? Love my Lady

Arie is the Ross Geller of The Bachelor AND they look like they could be brothers??? #engaged #again

You can harness and channel your team’s focus so it is #engaged in what you want and generates the productivity and performance you desire.

Nathan has so many friends, trying to have a wedding party that's not a hundred people is already difficult #engaged

Can’t decide if I find #fitspo or #engaged instagram more annoying. I guess smug posting in general is ??‍♀️

Ain't no wifey, but gonna be a wifey #engaged

it feels so good to see someone happy especially when that one is a really good #friend #engaged

I think I’m to the point of wedding planning where no more sleep is involved...because I’m TOO EXCITED????#enGAGEd #almostMARRIED ?

#engaged to the #loml

WOW so happy that I'm finally #engaged

I'm engaged ????❤️? #FutureMrs #Engaged

I want to see the Lonzo that’s played in OT last night every night for 48 minutes #engaged #aggressive

Katie_N_Huffman Weaver_SPS Way to go 3rd grade!!! Everyone looks intense #engaged

Another Sunday, another 2 photoshoots. 2 lenses, 2 rolls of film and 2 couples in love. #engaged #engagementshoot #lincolnshire #bridetobe

TonyStewart Very happy for you...#engaged

hitchedcouk 'Grow old with me' is such a great first dance!!! #liveband #engaged #venue #wedding

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GruetznerSuse6  ·  2y

Binge watch Netflix? #engaged

Leipoldannica5  ·  2y

I told my man he used to be cute (jokingly) and I said what happened he looked at me and said marriage #Engaged

Storz661  ·  2y

The seventh graders had a sweet time learning the parts of an animal cell by using jello and candy! #engaged #wearesja

roch949  ·  3y ago

Engaged, strangely enough. #engaged #putaringonit ?✨??✨?✨

Lucasmelchior2  ·  3y ago

And the are engaged!!!! #jordanandjenna #engaged #BachelorInParadise

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An engagement or betrothal is the period of time between a marriage proposal and the marriage itself (which is typically but not always commenced with a wedding). During this period, a couple is said to be fiancés (from the French), betrothed, intended, affianced, engaged to be married, or simply engaged. Future brides and grooms may be called fiancée (feminine) or fiancé (masculine), the betrothed, a wife-to-be or husband-to-be, respectively. The duration of the courtship varies vastly, and is largely dependent on cultural norms or upon the agreement of the parties involved. Long engagements were once common in formal arranged marriages, and it was not uncommon for parents betrothing children to arrange marriages many years before the engaged couple were old enough. This is still common in some countries.Many traditional Christian denominations have optional rites for Christian betrothal (also known as 'blessing an engaged couple' or 'declaration of intention') that bless and ratify the intent of a couple to marry before God and the Church.