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Well at least we've not seen this type of material before. #currant #bgt

Someone asked how to pun daily. Well, keep your #date with #currant affairs. Then go #nuts !

What's wrong with #currant head...??

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witzke726  ·  4y ago

Well at least we've not seen this type of material before. #currant #bgt

holtmann427  ·  4y ago

What's wrong with #currant head...??

Currant may refer to: Plants Ribes, genus of berry plants, e.g., blackcurrant, redcurrant and white currant Zante currant, dried black Corinth grapes; smaller than raisins ("Zante currant" in US, "currant" in other English-speaking countries) Currant tomato, Solanum pimpinellifolium, small tomato species Currant-tree, Amelanchier canadensis, also called Juneberry or shadblow serviceberry Currant bush, Carissa spinarum also called conkerberry or bush plum Bush currant, Miconia calvescens, also called velvet tree or miconia Native currant, Leucopogon parviflorus also called coast beard-heath Mahonia trifoliolata, called currant-of-Texas or wild currantAnimals Currant pug, Eupithecia assimilata, moth of the family Geometridae Currant clearwing, Synanthedon tipuliformis, moth of the family SesiidaePeople Bunny Currant (1911–2006), British fighter ace Simon Currant, Tasmanian tourism developerPlaces Currant, Nevada, settlement near Currant Mountain Currant Mountain, White Pine Range, Nevada, USAOther Currant, the in-game currency for Glitch (video game)