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#communicative #competences are very poor in #Algeria and it's a big problem and bar to learning in general !!

Lot of men out there trying to spread flu dick. Stay healthy my friends. #fludick #tinder #communicative

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Anka439  ·  4y ago

Lot of men out there trying to spread flu dick. Stay healthy my friends. #fludick #tinder #communicative

YasminBabsi4  ·  4y ago

Today is a great day to learn something new! Join the #MFLAcademy family and learn #Communicative #English!

Communicative may refer to: Communicative action, cooperative action undertaken by individuals based upon mutual deliberation and argumentation Communicative assent, form of deliberative decision-making Communicative competence, encompassing a language user's grammatical and social knowledge Communicative disorders assistant (CDA), an allied health profession Communicative dynamism, a linguistics notion Communicative ecology, conceptual model used within media and communications research Communicative language teaching, or the communicative approach, approach to language teaching emphasizing interaction as both the means and the goal of study Communicative planning, an approach to urban planning Communicative rationality, theory (or a set of them) describing human rationality as a necessary outcome of successful communication